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Voters Have Picked The Best Dog Walker

SNIFF Named Best Dog Walker Again — 6th Year In A Row!

Hello! We're incredibly excited to share the news. Sniff Seattle is the Best Dog Walker for the sixth consecutive year in the Best of Western Washington. Which is truly overwhelming. When we started, we certainly never imagined such a thing. Really, we do it all for the dogs. And for our wonderful clients...   {read more}

Dogs Dressed In Seahawks Clothes

The 12th Dogs Of Sniff Seattle's Bow Wow Blue Friday

It was our biggest, craziest Bow Wow Blue Friday yet! We asked our clients to dress up their dogs in Seahawks stuff. In return, we'd give them a free dog walk. How festive is that? Well, once again, it was a huge hit! We did tons of free walks and took lots of fun pics! Check them out.   {read more}

Best Dog Walks In Seattle

Nobody Knows Seattle Like Your Dog

We all know what a truly fantasic "walking city" Seattle is. The white, snow-capped mountains. The amazing greenery. The deep, cool blue waters. And the colorful local architecture. Seattle definitely has some of the best scenery in the country. But nobody knows what's out there...like your dog!   {read more}