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<td width= I had to find a new dog walker when my previous one stopped offering the service. And to my delight, I found Jeanna and Sniff Seattle! She loves my babies! And what more could a doggie-mommy want? She makes sure they are taken care of. ~ Mollie B., Pinehurst/Northgate

Thanks for taking such good care of McGee while we were in Spain! He looked so happy and content (and not just happy to see us) when we got home last night. It is obvious that he was well taken care of! Its nice to know that we can leave him in his own house while we are traveling. Thanks for treating him like he is your own pet. We always feel 100% confident in leaving him in your care. ~ JoAnn and Jim, Downtown Seattle
Sniff Seattle review from JoAnn and Jim

Sniff Seattle review from Kathy S.
I'm extraordinarily grateful to Greg for going the extra mile (literally) in searching for and finding my dog during his dog walk time. He arrived at my home to find that my dog had gotten out of the backyard, and he spent time and sweat tracking him down and finding him! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I can't think of any other dog walker whom I've hired in the past that would go to that much effort! ~ Kathy S., Bellevue

Sniff Seattle review from April L.
Sniff Seattle is great! I've been using them since last Fall and they are the best! I've used other services in the past and found that my dog walker was always changing and the time of day they came was inconsistent. Jeanna and her team at Sniff Seattle are completely the opposite - always prompt, consistent service and my dog loves them! I can leave town feeling secure that my dog is in good hands! ~ April L., Fremont

I have been using Sniff Seattle for dog walking for over a year. I got very lucky finding Jeanna and Greg! Sniff Seattle has seriously made my life so much easier! I was working full time, my husband was deployed and I had a two year old! No time to walk our dog. Jeanna is so flexible and she understood if my schedule changed. They LOVE animals and I know my dog was in amazing hands. I highly recommend them! ~ Christy H., Ballard
Sniff Seattle review from Christy H.

Sniff Seattle review from Ashley B.
I have been using Sniff Seattle to walk and visit my dog for over a year now. These are the most friendly, flexible, reliable and affordable people you could ever ask to walk, visit, feed, bathe, anything your dog.  You know why? They LOVE dogs. It's ridiculously obvious. They even love my 90-lb, energetic spazz of a dog who poos about three times as much as a regular dog. You can't just fake that. I have never had a cancellation, the communication is excellent, and I always come home to one happy dog. Happy dog = happy me. Win!! ~ Ashley B., Queen Anne