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March 21, 2011
He Had His Leg Hiked Up And...

Sniff Seattle Bellevue Dog Walkers, He Had His Leg Hiked Up And...
Even the well-behaved have to "go" sometimes! (Photo by Eurapart/Flickr)

One thing I can say about being a dog walker is this: there's never a dull moment! Dogs make me laugh every day. There's always a giggle coming out of me.

So one day, I was walking down the street with my most well-behaved dog, a golden retriever, when we met up with a cute poodle and her very nice owner. We were exchanging stories about how great our dogs were. Well, you can imagine where this going.

I glanced down, and yep, the dog I was walking had his leg hiked up and was peeing on the beautiful, bow wearing poodle! Yikes!

I apologized to the owner, and she was sweet about it. I probably should have apologized to the poodle, too. But, every time I think about it, I smile and blush a little. Embarrassing and a tad horrifying. But what can you do?

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