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April 15, 2011
Five Embarrassing Moments Dog Walking In Seattle

Sniff Seattle Bellevue Dog Walkers, Five Embarrassing Moments Dog Walking In Seattle
Job hazard: Embarrassment. But I wouldn't trade jobs! (Photo foxypar4/Flickr)

Dog walking is not without it's "bloopers." And I've had my embarrassing moments!

#5 - The Greyhound I was walking in Ballard took a huge poo. As I bent down to bag it up, I lost my balance. Yep...landed hands-first! America's Funniest Home Videos, did you catch that? $10,000 winner, right?

#4 - In Phinney Ridge, the well behaved Golden Retriever I was walking wanted to say hi to a bow wearing poodle. Her owner and I were chatting when I glanced down to see my dog with his leg hiked up. Peeing on the poodle. My face = fire truck red.

#3 - When I first started walking a certain Cocker Spaniel in Ballard, I didn't know how super-excited he gets when he sees a squirrel. So that first time, sure enough he saw one and launched into a shrill howling that sounded like a cross between one of those European police sirens and a car alarm. It was so loud! I started looking around nervously, as if he was going to wake up the whole neighborhood. Nevermind that it was 1:30 in the afternoon.

#2 - I was on the elevator with my favorite Bulldog from downtown Seattle, when all of a sudden he tooted! The man on the elevator looked at me like I did it. Oh, no I didn't! When I looked down at Cornbread. he was also looking at me like I did it!

Sniff Seattle Dog Walkers, Queen Anne, Magnolia A Job benefit: What a view from Queen Anne! (Photo Jeanna/Sniff Seattle)

#1 - On Queen Anne, I was walking with a sweet Boxer. Apparently, he was a little excited that day. All of a sudden, he jumped my leg and started humping. I actually lost my balance and fell! I was laughing on the ground and the dog was licking my face. As I got up, a man walked by and said: "What's your boyfriends name?"

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