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April 27, 2011
Readers Respond: Twenty More Signs You're A Dog Lover

Sniff Seattle Bellevue Dog Walkers, Twenty More Signs You're A Dog Lover
The list expands: more tell-tail signs! (Photo by Steven Shigeo Yamada/Flicr)

Ten is not enough! That's what readers are basically saying.

Our recent Top Ten List: Signs You're A Dog Lover sparked a lot of people to add their own signs. And I have a feeling we'll be updating this again, as even more people share theirs!

Check them out -- the new additions are great! These are from people who visited Sniff Seattle or saw one of the reposts by dog lovers around the world:

"Twenty More Signs You're A Dog Lover"

mishy79 from PUP Dog Rescue (Wordpress):
» Your digital camera is holding 99% doggy picture at any given time, and you save every one!

SandySays1 (Wordpress):
» You know you're a dog lover if every set of glasses in the house has fallen victim to the dastardly wagging tail and is one or more short.
» You have kiddie locks on the cupboards but no kiddies.
» If you have a number of one shoe pairs. Or are missing socks. Or have holes chewed in your underwear in embarrassing places.

Janet Zepel (Facebook):
» You know you're a dog lover if you know the names of all of the dogs in your neighborhood, but none of your human neighbors' names.

wingedcreature (Reddit):
» You cook meat for your dog even though you don't eat it.
» You wish you could take your dog everywhere.
» You think your dog is more fun to hang out with than most humans you know.

nanacarbus (Dogspired Facebook Page):
» You eat the left overs from yesterday, and your dogs have fresh meat.
» When people ask how many kids you have, you automatically count the dogs too, and add them to the two legged kids.
» The dogs have more presents under the tree at Christmas than you have!
» You don't visit relatives who don't like dogs!

ChaCha Smith (Dogspired Facebook Page):
» You drive 20 miles for holistic dog food and treats, but there is a Pet Club less than two miles from your house.

Betty Diana Arce (Dogspired Facebook Page):
» You don't take vacations because you don't want to leave the dogs behind.
» There are dog beds throughout the house that are not used because the dogs prefer the lap.

Dessy Zahara Angelina (Dogspired):
» The real couch potatoes are your dogs. You're satisfied enough to sit on the arm of the chair while patting them gently.

ChaChaa (Dogspired):
» Your Golden Retriever as a puppy chewed up your couch and you simply bought another one. And hundreds of pair's of shoe's. Just material thing's. They can be replaced.

Elise Papazian (Dogspired):
» When you're telling stories about family members to others, you automatically say your pets' name. You figure: "by now, anyone important knows 'em by name and IF not, those people aren't important!"

Betty Diana Arce (Dogspired):
» In an effort to indulge your picky dog's palate, you prepare wholesome meals with organic ingredients, try raw diets, andor bake your own doggie treats. The rest of the family can order take out.

Debbie Mizrah (Dogspired):
» Your Black Lab hates water. So when you take her out, the umbrella's over her, not you!

And Leslie Smith from wrote a whole new list after seeing ours. So check out ten more signs from Leslie, and dozens more from her readers!

And of course, if you didn't see it the first time, or you want to check it out again, the list we made earlier this month is here: Top Ten List: Signs You're A Dog Lover.

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