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June 4, 2012
We'll See You Sunday At The Furry 5K

Furry 5K Seattle, Seattle Animal Shelter, Sniff Seattle Bellevue
Fun run and walk for people and pooches! (Photo by RCannon100/Flickr)


I wanted to make sure and say the most important thing first — because raising some money for the Seattle Animal Shelter and their Help the Animals Fund is what the Furry 5K fun run and walk is all about!

We're excited to help out on Sunday (6/10) at Seward Park in Seattle. If you're coming to the event, please take a couple minutes to stop by and see us at the big Sniff Seattle tent. We've got lots of fun stuff planned, all to to help the cause.

Try and imagine the vet bills for over 7,000 strays and you'll understand right away why the Seattle Animal Shelter holds this event. Over 7,000 strays every year, many who arrive at the shelter sick, injured or abused. And the Help the Animals Fund is the primary reason the shelter is financially able to do this important work.

So, the cause is crucial. But the mood of the day is fun, fun, fun!

Thousands of people and their pooches running and walking the race course. Plus an entertainment stage, which will have a chance for dogs to show off their amazing talents in the Silly Pet Tricks competition. And everywhere, LOTS of dogs and dog lovers! We'll see you Sunday.

And remember, if you can't make the event, you can still support the effort by DONATING HERE!

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