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January 19, 2015

Sniff Seattle's Bow Wow Blue Friday Is Back!

Stewie The Pug, Sniff Seattle's Bow Wow Blue Friday, Seattle Seahawks

Sniff Seattle is giving away free dog walks on January 30 (Photo by Greg Valentine)

We'll make this short and sweet. Hey, it only took the Seahawks five minutes to win the NFC Championship Game. Surely, we can get this said in a couple paragraphs. (Although, that was probably the greatest five minutes in the history of minutes.)

Sniff Seattle's Bow Wow Blue Friday is back! Yep. That means FREE DOG WALKS on Friday, January 30 for every one of our doggy clients showing their love for our Super Bowl-bound Seattle Seahawks.

Sniff Seattle's Bow Wow Blue Friday, Free Dog Walks, Dog In Seahawks Jersey It works like this. We show up for your dog walk. We see your dog wearing some Seahawks stuff. Your walk that day is FREE! Naturally, there's a little bit of small print — which you'll find below where small print usually lives.

We did this last year on the Friday before Super Bowl. And, we all know how that turned out. :-)

Amazing game yesterday, Seahawks. Now, onward to Arizona to finish the job! #GoHawks

The Small Print: This offer is for existing clients of Sniff Seattle who receive regularly-scheduled dog walking service on Fridays. If you're a client who normally gets two or more walks a day, only one will be free (darn). The more-expensive walk will be the free one (yay!). To get your free dog walk, your dog should be wearing Seahawks gear or team colors. A totally awesome, tricked-out Seahawks-themed kennel or similar creativity will also be accepted.

Posted by Jeanna From Sniff Seattle & Greg Valentine