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May 2, 2011
Jeanna's Journal #3: Sunny Sunday At Seattle's Woodland Park

Sniff Seattle Bellevue Dog Walkers, Jeanna's Journal, Woodland Park
Pearl: Beautiful dog in a beautiful park (Photo by Jeanna from Sniff Seattle)

Sunday sure was beautiful. I don't think it was as warm as the previous Saturday. But second best weather of the year!

So we loaded up the car with dogs and headed for all the trees and trails I love at Woodland Park!

I grew up in Memphis and our trees down there just don't compare. I did live in Eastern Tennessee for a few years. Now, that's a different story! Lots of mountains and forests.

So, Greg and I walked the trails at Woodland Park with Pearl, who's been staying with us for a couple weeks, Stewie and Parfait. The dogs couldn't get enough of it. I think they were basically walking us!

Sniff Seattle Dog Walkers, Jeanna's Journal, Woodland Park, Pearl, Stewie, Parfait
Pearl, Jeanna, Parfait and Stewie (Photo by Greg Valentine)

There's also an off-lease area at Woodland Park, and we took the dogs there briefly. As OLAs go, the one at Woodland Park has it's pluses and minuses. If you've never been, it's located in the northeastern part of lower Woodland park, west of the tennis courts.

I like the way it sits on the side of a hill in the woods -- that's a nice change from the open, flat OLAs you see so often.

It does get kinda muddy at this OLA. And it doesn't have a special area for smaller dogs. A few of the dogs Sunday were somewhat aggressive. So caution.

We have Pugs. So like I said, we stopped by briefly. Before you take your dog to the Woodland Park Off-Leaase Area, I suggest you read some of these reviews from Yelp to decide if it's right for your dog.

But you can't go wrong walking your dog on-lease around this beautiful, wooded park!

Jeanna from Sniff Seattle
Lovin' the trees and trails
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